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Cloud-Based Print Jobs
Simplify web-to-store printing by having the customer bring the order to the store.

For Staff:  Fewer Problems

  Online Photo Kiosk Traditional Online Solution
Matching the order with the customer Not required. The customer claims the order in person.
  • The order may be late or missing.
  • The customer may not show up.
  • The customer or order may be at the wrong store.

For Customers:  Fewer Steps

  Online Photo Kiosk Traditional Online Solution
Registration Not required. Required.
Contact information Not required. Required.
Confirmation email Not required. Customers can go to the store right away. Customers have to wait for a confirmation email.
Store selection Not required. Required.
Cancelling an order Not required. The customer cancels by not claiming the order. Unclaimed orders are deleted in a few days. The customer has to contact customer service to cancel the order. The order may be printed already.

For Retailers:  Fewer Pieces to Manage

  Online Photo Kiosk Traditional Online Solution
Setup Not required. Stores only need a browser. Stores need a machine to receive orders.
Store list Not required. Customers just go to a store. Retailers have to create and maintain a store list.
Configuration Not required. Stores can take orders right away. Each store has to be configured to accept orders. The provider has to be configured to route orders to the store.
Customer service Customers deal with store staff only. Customers deal with both online and store staff.
Complexity Complexity does not increase. Complexity increases with the number of stores.