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Frequently Asked Questions

Why put the kiosk experience online?

Web-to-store printing is convenient for customers. It is also good for retailers because customers spend more time shopping (they are not in front of a kiosk). Most customers prefer the in-store photo kiosk experience. We help you put the kiosk experience online.

Online Photo Kiosk is a retail photo printing software-as-a-service solution.

How is it safe?

  • Customers pay in the store. Customers deal with your staff only.
  • Customers do not enter any personal information.
  • Orders and shopping carts disappear after a few days. We do not keep user's images.
You do not have to worry about privacy, security, or data-ownership.

How is it easier to use?

  • Kiosk mode. Customers do not have to create albums, choose a store, or enter contact information.
  • Demo. Customers can learn how to use it by placing test orders.
  • Print Preview. Customers always see photos as printed. No cropping confusion.
  • Order Summary. Customers see exactly what they ordered. They can share the order.
  • Social ordering. Customer can collaborate on an order. They can help each other.

How does it complement my existing online ordering system?

Most retail photo system are based on archiving. Customers sign-in and archive photos. They order prints in the future. Online Photo Kiosk is based on ordering. No registration required.

Can I depend on a cloud service?

We use Amazon Web Service to deliver orders to stores. Amazon Web Service is:
  • Designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year.
  • Designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities.
Large companies such as Netflix and scalable web services on Amazon.

Does it support touch screen displays?

Online Photo Kiosk works seamlessly on touch screen displays. It is designed for mobile.

Can customers download their order?

Customers can download their order for free. Downloadable orders enable sharing. It gives users an extra reason to order.

Do customers have to print?

Users can use Online Photo Kiosk as a sharing service. The more users share photos, the more likely they will print. You can use Online Photo Kiosk for advertisement.

Is it a white label solution?

Yes. Online Photo Kiosk runs under your domain name with your branding. Customers deal with your staff only.

How is it cloud printing service?

Online Photo Kiosk is designed as an online repository for print jobs. The user sends a print job to the cloud. He then goes to the store and the store download it. It is an on-demand service: stores download orders on-demand.

What kind of infrastructure do I need?

Online Photo Kiosk is a cloud service. Stores only need an Internet connection.

Can other retailers print my orders?

No. Online Photo Kiosk runs under your own domain name. Stores has to specify the domain of the online kiosk they are downloading from. Further, customers who order from your domain will not go to another retailer to claim the order.

Do you offer professional services?

Our team can assist by supplementing your existing teams or handling your administration for you. We are based in Vancouver, Canada.