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Goodbye Infrastructure
Effortless deployment across all your stores.


Because the order is in the cloud, the store does not have to set up a dedicated server to get orders. Stores only need a browser.

Point of Sale

  1. The customer gives an associate her Order ID.
  2. The associate looks up the order from our website (with a computer, tablet, or smart phone).
  3. The associate reviews the images; prints the page as a receipt (optional); and tells the customer when to pick up prints.
  4. Staff download and print a batch of orders. They can do so from a browser; a desktop application; or an Android app.

Promoting Your Service

  • When stores are ready they promote the service to their in-store kiosk customers. Staff can add a flyer to their prints.
  • Retailers can add a link to their Online Photo Kiosk service on their website.

Try It Yourself

Modify the URL below to create your shopping cart. Add as many products as you need. Click on the URL to try it.

Download orders at


Online Photo Kiosk is a multi-tenant application. Our prices are low because retailers share the same architecture. Furthermore, we do not charge any per store fees because it is an on-demand service. We charge a monthly fee based on estimated number of orders.

Our system run on Amazon Web Service (AWS). If you want full control, we can deploy it on your own AWS account. You pay separately for infrastructure. We can manage and run the service for for you. We can also help you run it yourself. You can build custom photo services on top of our imaging and shopping cart engines.


We can help you customize your Online Photo Kiosk. For example, we can add a custom launch page and banner. We can also work with you to create promotional campaigns (e.g. coupons). Furthermore, we can help you at the point of sale. For example, we can create an Android tablet application that staff can use to download orders and print receipts.

Sales and General Inquiries

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